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Awakening Souls

Poetry book & Journal
By Sinéad Keane

Reflect on your awakening journey through 12 soul-nourishing poems and accompanying prompts.


This book & journal is designed to bring you on a real and raw cyclical journey. A journey that mirrors the annual cycle we experience with mother earth throughout each of her seasons.

It is a companion for the reader through the many dark nights that accompany an awakening, as well as being a means to remember the love that exists deep within you & all of life.

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This book is for you or a loved one if:

  • You are on a journey of remembrance and connecting inward.

  • You are currently struggling with a loss of some form in your life; relationship breakdown, bereavement, loss of identity, loss of the future you thought you would have, loss of community, career loss etc.

  • Despite all your efforts to cling to the known, you feel all is changing in your life and your way of being.

  • You wish to connect deeper with your beautiful inner child.

  • You've looked outside yourself for validation and guidance and wish to deepen your connection within to now guide you.

  • You struggle to surrender to the flow of life and trust that life knows what it's doing.

  • You have been through deep hardship and emerged on the other side, reborn.

  • Poetry sets your senses alight, and you enter another realm through the poets words.

  • You wish to explore the realm of poetry through these healing and activating poems.

  • You want to connect with an online community to dive into a healing theme based on each poem deeply.

  • You're’re ready to try something new!


Poems written by
Sinéad Keane


Illustrations by Rachel Leahy


Book design by KM&Co.

May this book help you to 'Remember who you are'

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