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Manifestation Made Manageable

Manifestation Made Manageable


You asked and here it is!!!!  


The programme consists of the following:


Detailed document.

In this document, manifestation is broken down into a step by step approach and explained in simple terms. This programme is the perfect blend of science and spirituality as Sinead brings her knowledge as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, breaking down how to overcome limitations, caused by belief systems formed in our younger years. If we do not address the blocks that stand between us and our deepest desires, we will not begin to see our desires unfold in front of our eyes.

Feeling worthy is the absolute key!

The step by step approach given is clear and concise, while also helping you to tune into your inner knowing and intuition to find the path that is aligned with you.  Included is an additional option of syncing your manifestations with the power of the moon cycles. The energy of the moon can amplify both the processes of clearing out old beliefs and sowing the seeds of the new you wish to bring into your life. If you are not drawn to the moon and it’s cycles, you can follow the programme without timing it with the moon- it’s totally up to you! 



A big part of this programme is listening to the audios that are built into the document above. These guided visualisations and meditations, will take you on a journey to dream big while challenging limitations and blocks that hold you back. They are short and concise so you can fit them into your daily routine and can be replayed over and over. The key to visualisation is to evoke the emotion of how you anticipate you will feel when your desires become your reality. These audios and videos will do this in abundance. 


How do I follow this programme?

This is a self led programme where you will follow at your own pace. 


Why has Sinead created this offering?

One of my favourite things in life is to see other people thriving and living their best possible lives. I believe if we only focused half of our time on the endless possibilities for our futures rather than the endless worries, our lives would look very different. I know this because I have taken this approach with my own life and have helped countless other people do the same through my unique intuitive approach in my psychotherapy practice, workshop offerings and online circles. 

I have felt a calling to create this programme to make my work accessible to more individuals, especially for those who feel they do not need to avail of therapy but want to accelerate their lives and live with increased purpose and begin to see their deepest desires come into fruition, be it in relationships, health, happiness, career, material needs, etc. I also remember back to the beginning of my manifestation journey, where I found it hard to understand what were the right steps to follow and I had no idea how to overcome the blocks that prevented me from getting to where I wanted.

This programme offers a step by step approach that removes the ambiguity and includes how to overcome blocks and limitations.


Remember, we can only manifest that which we feel worthy of! 

Manifestation Made Manageable

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