Protecting your energy group session Wednesday 7th September 20:15

Protecting your energy group workshop and guided experience.

Wednesday 7th September 20:15-21:15. 



Do you identify as an empath? Do you feel drained after spending time in groups of people? Do you give alot, leaving yourself feeling exhausted and lifeless? If so, this session may be of interest for you. Join me and a group of others who feel called to learn practical ways to protect your precious energy by calling in protection from the unseen realms and introducing yourself to physical items such as crystals that can help absorb energies, preserving your life force. 


The first half of the session will comprise of pratical information on what can support you whilst the second half will be a guided experience. 


Get cosy and create a sacred space for you in the comfort of your own home.This will be a shared space between you, Sinead and anyone else who hears the call to join this guided session. 


Turning on your camera and sharing any insights at the end is optional however it is encouraged.


If you do not have paypal and wish to attend, drop me a message. 


To live from our heartspace is the only way. May we remember this at the dawn of each new day. 

Protecting your energy group session Wednesday 7th September 20:15

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