Work & Life Balance- A Programme for Individuals

This programme is for indiviudals hoping to bring more balance to their work & home lives.


What you can expect as a result of the programme:


-Improved communication in your personal & professional relationships.

-Greater awareness of self and tools for overall well-being.

-Tools to deal with stress.

-Improved self-belief.

-Increased self-motivation.

-Fosters open and honest relationships.

-Promotes self- reflective practice. 

-Improved capability to switch on and off from work at relevant times.

-Develop a self-care practice

-Develop a morning routine through the concept of the power hour 


Included in this programme


1. The work & Life Balanace document which covers 14 Topics: 


Topic 1: Self-Care 

Topic 2: Journaling

Topic 3: Working from Home

Topic 4: Meditation

Topic 5: Chair Yoga 

Topic 6: Power Hour 

Topic 7: Review & Focus

Topic 8: Emotions & Breath-work 

Topic 9: Responding v Reacting 

Topic 10: Losses/ Gains 

Topic 11: Values

Topic 12: Essential Oils

Topic 13: Mindful Moments

Topic 14: Integrating the Learning 


2. An accompanying workbook.


3. 3 recorded guided meditations.


4. A guided breath-work video. 

Work & Life Balance- A Programme for Individuals

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