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Sinéad Keane

Sinéad has embarked on much training & studies over the past 12 years, both in Ireland & abroad including psychology, psychotherapy, yoga, reiki, Celtic and Pre-Celtic shamanism & most recently the ancient art of keening. 

Life has been Sinéad's greatest teacher above all else & in her 30 years she has experienced many of life's challenges & gifts.

All of these studies coupled with life experience have provided her with a strong foundation & ability to untangle her own personal traumas, embody the work she is passionate about as well as professionally hold space for others to do so. 


Connecting with Éiriú

Returning to our indigenous ways & practices on the land that is beneath our feet here in Éire has begun to unlock ta much deeper connection to life itself. Practices such as the ancient art of keening, honouring the ancestors, foraging, connecting with the sacred waters, trees, plants & stones, sitting around the fire, singing & returning to our native mother tongue language, dancing barefoot to our Irish instruments & songs.

She is now feeling called to bring these healing practices to the people of Ireland through one to one sessions & group offerings having been on her own exploratory journey over the last 4 years.

One-one sessions

Each one-one session will be entirely unique, based on where you are at & what you need but will be centred around some of the following practices and approaches; Ancestral healing, soul retrieval, past life healing, shamanic reiki, sound healing, Celtic goddess activation, healing through creative expression, reclamation of your voice.

Sinéad is a guide, here to walk alongside you as you traverse life’s losses, changes, expansions & remembrance, initiating and birthing you into your newest self through presence, unconditional love and intuitively guided interventions.

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