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Book Review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

I read this book while travelling Bali/ Thailand and I feel it was a great time for me to read it. It really spoke to my soul & if I'm honest mostly reaffirmed many of the things I believe about life and ways to enhance it. This book is the ultimate wake up call. I feel that if I had the affect on me in which it has, that it would have a huge affect on someone who is living life in the fast lane. Someone who is trying to keep all the balls in the air and still maybe feel their not doing things right.

Are you someone who puts off living until tomorrow? "I'll be content when I have the nice house", "I'll feel fulfilled when I travel the world", "I'll feel happy when I have a child". Everything is always out there in the future but never here, right now. While all of these things might have a profound affect on your life, it is unlikely that they will make you feel 100% fulfilled. This book looks at how we need to find our true purpose in order to flourish in life. This man "Julian", a hot shot lawyer, had it all- money, status, power, any material thing you could want. Having gone through the spiritual awakening, it is only then that he feels he truly has it all. And in terms of material things he has very little. He finally has the tools to deal with life's challenges, he finally knows what it feels like to tune his attention inward and actually feel connected with his body, he finally feels he has purpose. This too can be you. There are such practical day to day exercises given in this book that you can integrate into your life in order to gradually work towards a better you and a huge reduction in stress. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading it again.

€11.95 on The Book Depository website.

Recommended for: workaholics, those in stressful careers, those experiencing high levels of stress or experiencing a challenging life event, anyone experiencing the spiritual awakening.

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