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Why the first hour of your day is arguably the most important

In the past, I would never have considered myself a morning person. When studying or trying to get work done, evening tended to suit me better and I always found it would take me awhile to feel like I was fully awake and ready to take on the day in the morning. However, since beginning my own self development practice and taking time to turn my attention inward, a break from the hustle and bustle of the life I had become accustomed to, I have started to look at morning times in a whole new light. Morning time, sets us up for our entire day. Have you ever had a negative interaction in the morning and as a result, your mood is lower, you're maybe more irritable, you're wishing you could retreat back to the bed & hide away from the world. Sometimes we think that how our day goes is often out of our control, however my own life & working with clients has disproved this theory for me. We have so much more control than we think.

Lets try something...

When you wake, what is your first thought as you lay in the bed? Are you thankful to wake up on another morning or are you dreading the day ahead? How do you think your day would be different if your first thoughts were that of thanks and gratitude for waking in a warm bed, for having a warm shower to take, clothes to put on, food in the fridge and maybe even a hot coffee... These initial thoughts have a huge impact on our day. They set the tone for the day to follow.

As you step out of bed are you rushing and racing to get things done? Are you barely even taking a chance to think or are you working on autopilot? How would your day be different if you gently eased into the day, waking 30mins earlier or more to take a couple of yoga poses by the side of your bed, or to eat your breakfast sitting down, or to do that 5 minute meditation to set an intention for the day, or to take a moment to look out the window at the morning & allow yourself a couple of uninterrupted deep breaths. We have so much more control than we think. We set the tone for our day. By allowing yourself this luxury, often our day follows in a calmer, more uplifting manner. And if it doesn't, isn't it great that you had that first hour of easing into the day rather than firefighting for the entire day.

Allow yourself this time & notice the differences in your day as a result.


Sinead Keane Wellness

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